🍃 Queensland Begonia Society One-Day Plant Sale at Belmont Shooting Centre

🍃Begonias🎨 Galore
Plant Sales, Displays, Raffles, Refreshments and much more.

23 APRIL 2022 Saturday 9am to 3pm

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23 APRIL 2022
9am to 3pm
Belmont Shooting Centre
1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont
Begonias Galore One-Day Plant Sale

🍃Begonias🎨 Galore
Plant Sales, Displays, Raffles, Refreshments and much more.

Please bring a box📦 or bag for plant purchases.

Begonias Galore along with Tropical Plants including Aroids, Gesnariads, Ferns, Hoya and Succulents.

A “One Day Affair” from 9am to 3pm showcasing the wide diversity of Begonias — their varied foliage and colourful blooms. This offers an opportunity for members of the public to identify and choose particular varieties that they may wish to include in their own gardens or bush houses.

Belmont Shooting Centre
1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont.

Email any enquiries to

EFTPOS available for plant sales.

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Begonia is a genus in the flowering plant family Begoniaceae and is a perennial.

Begonia is the world’s sixth largest plant genus, which has recently exceeded 2,000 species since researchers examined historic records and new collections.

In their natural environments, begonia species originate mainly in the tropical and subtropical areas of the world, including South and Central America, Africa and Asia.

Sadly, many of these natural habitats are being bulldozed, and the Queensland Begonia Society members are dedicated to growing the species that would otherwise disappear.

No begonia has ever been discovered growing naturally in Australia. However, we have many keen begonia growers who do have, amongst their collections, many of the threatened species from other lands, which will be featured at the show.

Some of these will grow here under our normal conditions and others require very special cultural conditions and need to be grown in terrariums to survive here. These will also be featured at the Show.

On display will be hundreds of the beautiful hybrid varieties that are favourites of most gardeners who love the colourful and varied foliage and flowers of these spectacular plants. Many of these hybrids have been created and introduced by our own Queensland members and also other Australian growers. Thus, new varieties are introduced into our collections.

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