Propagating Cane Begonias

Betty Vander Poorten (10)
Doing it my way!

I take tip cutting about 12-13cm (5in.) in length. Always go to a node which has not flowered. This hopefully will give you a nicely shaped plant. If you cut at a node which has flowered, the plant will not branch.

My propagating mix for canes is potting mix 80%, perlite 20%. I have also used straight vermiculite with great success. I always use striking powder, a habit from nursery days in Victoria because I believe it to be beneficial. Lots of growers do not use this powder.

August for me is the best time to do cuttings, but I have had success in autumn before the cold weather sets in. On an east facing wall I have large terracotta pots filled with lovely canes which get sun till midday in summer – the more sun, the better the flowering.

In August I cut back to four nodes in the centre of the plant and three around the edge. This gives a lovely flowering plant by the end of November/December. Fertilise with Osmocote Plus. If things are working your way …. Don’t change!


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