4 thoughts on “Begonia Symbolism

  1. Dreamy and innocent… well dreamy maybe! I’d have to ask someone else whether I was beguiling and charming! There’s such a variety of begonias, I’m sure they could symbolize many different characters1


    • Given that begonia is the sixth largest angiosperm genus with around 1,500 species, and that there are far more begonia cultivars, I am sure that one suitable begonia mascot can be found to represent, accentuate, complement and satisfy a beguiling and charming lady such as Lois, with her love for the moon and Peanuts cartoons!


      • Oh thank you! I certainly love them… in fact this weekend I may by myself one! My mum used to have a beautiful little strong pink double begonia which she planted year after year in the garden, taking cuttings. I too had some but they got abandoned during a house move. So maybe next spring I’ll find something similar to plant in the garden.


        • Like mother like daughter! It seems that your mother is/was not only an avid gardener, she also like(d) begonias and grew them consistently. Perhaps one of her or your begonias will become a family heirloom to be handed down to future generations, as this post entitled “Treasure Chest Thursday — Begotten Begonia” demonstrates to us at https://queenslandbegonia.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/727/.


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