Beguiled by Begonias

The Frustrated Gardener


I expect it’s desperately unfashionable to say so, but I do love a nice Begonia. They are easy on the eye, diverse and sometimes dramatic, but normally easy to grow, appreciating a little bit of shade. So I was instantly drawn to Dibleys’ magnificent display of Begonias and Coleus at last week’s Hampton Court Flower Show. The variation in leaf colour, shape and texture was quite staggering. Who needs flowers when leaves look this good? One can’t help but marvel that nature’s ingenuity combined with years of hybridisation has resulted in such an amazing spectrum of varieties, all grown here to perfection.

At home in London, we often grow plain old fibrous-rooted Begonia semperflorens as summer bedding. They appreciate the cooler, damper, shadier conditions we can offer, but will succumb to mildew if they get too dry or if the air circulation around the plants is not good.. Our favourite…

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