2014 Annual Show of Begonias

Click here to see the 2012 Annual Begonia Slideshow and Gallery.




22 FEB
Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Auditorium Annual Begonia Show

The 2014 Annual Show of Begonias is held at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Auditorium from 9am to 4pm on 22nd (Saturday) of February, where visitors can:

  1. Admire quality begonias in many competition classes.
  2. View artistic static displays of diverse begonias.
  3. Meet experienced growers and dedicated members of the society.
  4. Purchase many varieties of begonias not available through normal nurseries.
  5. Buy books published by the society.
  6. Make inquiries or seek assistance at the information desk.
  7. Participate in the “Name This Begonia” competition.
  8. Witness the award of competition trophies.
  9. Listen to a special guest speaker, the well-known horticulturist, Clair Levander, talking about begonias and answering questions on any gardening topic, at 10.30am.
  10. Attend a demonstration workshop run by the President, Mrs Carmel Browne, at 11.30am.
  11. Win raffle prizes.
  12. Enjoy light refreshments.

Annual Begonia Show from the Past

Click here to see the 2012 Annual Begonia Slideshow and Gallery.

Click here to see the Videos of the 2012 Annual Begonia Show.

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