Mother’s Day Preview in the Store

limelight floral design

Jersey City NJ mother's day plants

When Mother’s Day comes, we find ourselves back into the little kids’ corner, letting our imagination run wild, making little mud cakes and planting colorful flowering plants to scream how much childhood is still lingering through our veins.

Here are some fun projects for this week:

Bring the Bromeliads, Begonias, Hyacinths and Gerberas into the store and put them in silly baskets on which we personally painted silly hearts and splurged on with polka dotted ribbons. These will sit pretty outside the store and will probably find loving homes before even Saturday ends.

Bring the miniature baby orchids in and plant them in white glass vases.

Make dangerous, desert under water terrariums and price them all. These will bring in all the little curious boys with dreams of keeping their dangerous geckos in there or tarantulas or God knows what else little boys dream of when they see these things.

And then there will be flowers…

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