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Rex Begonia

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Rex Begonia

The Rex Begonia is a beautiful plant grown particularly for its striking and unique foliage.  Indeed, there are countless varieties that will stop you in your tracks and make your draw drop.  Also referred to as the painted-leaf begonia, many of the many different varieties show vibrant colors, fuzzy hairs, and a wide range of patterns from pretty to wild.  This plant will bloom year round.

Care Tips

Growing a Rex Begonia is relatively simple.  They prefer shade to light shade/partial sun.  Water when the surface of the soil is dry and the soil under the surface is beginning to dry as well.  – Take care not to over water, this is often the problem growers have with Rex Begonias.

When the Rex Begonia flowers, it puts a lot of its energy into those beautiful bursts.  Many growers of this plant prefer to pinch back flowers as they…

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Treasure Chest Thursday — Begotten Begonia

Click here to contact SoundEagle (Web Administrator and Designer)SoundEagle says: How wonderful it is to have living things as family heirlooms! Thank you, Bayside Blog, for sharing your story, and may the begonia line be unbroken!

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Customs officials, take note that this post is based on legend and not necessarily fact.

100_3828My maternal grandfather was an Army officer and was twice stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, with his young family. On one of these tours of duty, family lore has it that my grandmother, Grace, became besotted with a begonia of such beauty, she simply had to have one of her own. And when it came time to make the journey back to the United States, that begonia was coming with her, come hell or high water.

Her solution: to smuggle cuttings of that begonia in her suitcase — amidst her unmentionables — during the journey (by boat, no less) back across the Atlantic.

100_3829To this day, nearly every female member of my family has at least one descendant of that immigrant begonia potted on a windowsill or taking root in in a jar. One of my…

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