3 thoughts on “Cane-Like Hybrid (Class 19) Begonia Flamingo Queen

  1. My friend and I where given a Begonia and did,nt know which type it was, now after looking at your pictures I have discovered it,s a Flamingo Queen however it,s about 4 feet high and yours only say,s grows to 2 feet high???? I am a little worried as it,s not looking every well I have given it a spray with a rose bug spray and crossed my fingers it is so beautiful and everyone who see,s it makes a comment of how lovely it is I will give it some food and hope it gets better , is this unusual for it to grow tall ??? thank you regards .


    • Begonia Flamingo Queen

      Hi Diane,

      Hello! Thank you for visiting the Queensland Begonia Society website. As far as I know, there is so far no mention of the height of Begonia Flamingo Queen on this website. Here is another photograph of the cane-like hybrid in a bushier and taller form. The plant was winner of the Hazel Burley Memorial Trophy at the Queensland Begonia Society Inc. 2003 show, and was grown by Mr Barry Mann.

      Developed by Mr Ross Bolwell in New South Wales, Australia in 1990, Begonia Flamingo Queen has become very popular in the U.S.A. and won the American Begonia Society’s Alfred D Robinson Medal, which is awarded to a begonia cultivar that has been released for at least five years and not more than fifteen.

      To see more quality begonias grown by members of the society, please watch Videos of the 2012 Begonia Show.


  2. Hi, Cane Begonias when they’ve finished flowering and become dormant over the cooler months can be cut back by about a third of its overall growth (rule of thumb for most pruning practices). The cuttings you prune off can be placed into a vermiculite and peat or seed raising mix, to strike new plants from.


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