3 thoughts on “2017-begonias-for-a-burst-of-colour

    • Thank you, Roger, for your comment and for pointing out the location shown in the photo.

      Please be informed that two weeks before the show, on the 19th of February in 2017, Mr Phil Adam, the Secretary of the Queensland Begonia Society, emailed me this flier to be used on the website. According to Phil, the flier was prepared by one of the members of the Society to advertise the upcoming show.

      I replied to Phil by email on the same day to inform him that the flier has not been proofread perfectly as it contains some errors, as far as I can discern.

      It is quite a coincidence that we both commented here on the 19th, exactly 21 months later.


    • Hi Roger! Three months have passed since you last commented here. Please be informed that our 2019 Annual Show of Begonias: 🍃Bold & Beautiful🎨 will be held this Saturday, as publicized in the new post that I recently published. I have also taken the time and effort to revamp a few webpages, especially the one entitled “Begonia”.

      Do you grow many begonias? If you do, may all of your begonias grow to your satisfaction in 2019!


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